Thursday, May 22, 2008

PG Look: Detroit-Boston

Taking a look at how the PG's fared in Game 1 of the East Finals

Game 1 Boxscore

Chauncey Billups

Well, it would’ve taken all of three milliseconds to realize CB isn’t quite there yet; the hamstring is still plaguing him… Detroit curiously had him guard Ray Allen, presumably to get him away from the quicker Rajon Rondo… Actually spent time in the first-half as the ‘two’ while Stuckey ran the point… Hit his first 3 of the game, didn’t score the rest of the half… Looked a little better in the second half; please take the time to underline the word “little” … Played 31 minutes, but if he’s 100% he plays 40, no question… His nine points came on just six shots… Keep an eye on him in Game 2.

Rajon Rondo

I loved his first half, he was pushing it up, running the club, and dropping hand-offs to Paul Pierce and the suddenly-inept Ray Allen… My game notes had the words VERY aggressive and unselfish; yes, I used capitals… One of three guys in the game to log 40 minutes; the other two combined for eight turnovers, Rondo had one… Was the subject of Rip Hamilton’s defensive assignment… 11 points and seven assists is dandy, but the true value was his five steals and his efficient shooting (5-9 FG)… Mike Breen dropped the little “he once grabbed 19 boards in a game at Kentucky” nugget, and as the unofficial leader of the Rebounding Point Guards Cult, this makes me smile… No longer looking for a Cassell citing, just playing his game… Before the series, everyone was saying the PG matchup was going to determine a lot of things. You know what, they were right.

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